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Spiritual Based 12 Step Approach:

We have in this world today, the worst drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse problem that we have ever faced. The United States in particular is facing what it calls a full on, “addiction epidemic.” 

At Zion Healing Center, we believe that they only true path to recovery is spiritual awakening and psychic change. We offer a Spiritual Rehabilitation Approach. Addicted individuals who have or gain spirituality through our approach have an untapped resource at their fingertips and they might not even know it. A Spiritual based recovery program is an specific and very well put together drug and alcohol rehabilitation process that essentially approaches the problem of addiction from a spiritual point of view first, then from a physical, and psychological point of view second.

Why Spiritual Based Rehabilitation Works:


  • Our leaders, administrators and the staff believe that a person tends to turn to addictive behavior to fill the void left by a lack of spirituality in his or her life. In fact, this is often the consensus of other treatment centers that don’t even have a faith-based track. In most of these non faith based, non Spiritual based centers, relapse prevention, aftercare and support are non existent. In such cases, relapse is imminent.


  • Nine times out of ten, addiction comes about because someone is trying to fill a void due to lack of personal beliefs, spiritual connection, goals, aspirations, plans, dreams, integrity, and passion for life. 

  • Our recovery program is faith based in nature through adding higher power into the individual’s life to fill the void and remove the need for addictive behavior.


  • Our 12 Step Spiritual based recovery program is needed and wanted now more than ever. In a study completed by Columbia University, it was found that eighty percent of Americans believe that faith is able to help addicted people recover from their addictions. This is logic at its best. Why wouldn’t faith help keep people sober? Faith helps people with lots of things all the time, and this is logical and makes sense to say the least.

  • The study also found that recovered individuals, (defined by most organizations and authorities as individuals who are sober for over two years), had greater levels of faith than those who fell into relapse after completing an addiction recovery program. Combining faith and recovery certainly is more successful and beneficial. Now more than ever those who struggle and suffer with addiction need to reach deep down inside and find their faith in God in order to recover completely. 

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